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Safe Mode cycle caused by Intelliscreen x


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Jan 5, 2012
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I have just purchased IntelliScreen X. At first i had no problems, but suddenly my phone has been continuously crashing into safe mode.

My 3G also disappeared. I had been in the middle of surfing the internet on safari when my 3G vanished and didn't come back. I was in a public area. A respiring crashed my springboard into safe mode and started a continuous safe mode loop.

These problems only started about a few days after installing intelliscreen x. So I felt that it could have been this, that was causing conflicts with my phone.

I was right.

After i removed intelliscreen x from my phone while it was in safe mode, it has not crashed into safe mode since.

But i'm intetested to find out why intelliscreen x caused this... is there any known tweaks that intelliscreen x conflicts with

Cause in the short time i had intelliscreen x, i found it very useful... I'd like to reinstall it...

Replies are greatly appreciated. :)
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download an app called CrashReporter through Cydia..this will track your crashes and give you some insight as to what is causing them.
I feel ya mate ISX knows about this, as they are trying to update to be compatible with 5.1 and 5.0.1.

I am using ISX right now, with no problems at all, but I did go into sage mode when I first updated it the other day.

Check to see what else you have installed that could be conflictiong with it. I a tweak called "Lorem" and ISX do not get along well at all.
Thanks for the feedback, guys... i just installed the intelliscreen x update and my phone didn't crash into safe mode on respiring... I suspect the problem could have been caused by iGotYa's Secure Mode, in my case... i disabled that and my phone hasn't really crashed - only once when it ran out of battery and It rebooted. Anyway, i'm continuing to monitor the situation. :)