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Replaced screen, now no Siri.. ?


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Oct 18, 2012
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Hello all. first post.

So, my wife's bottom mic stopped working. If I blew directly into it, very hard, you could hear wind noise.. but other than that, it was not functional.
She was forced to use the headphones, and/or speaker phone. Other than that, everything was fine.

Then, she had the ole' phone-falls-from-purse incident, and the front screen was shattered. Nothing changed in regards to functionality. Just glass splinters during use.. LOL

I ordered a screen and replacement charging port harness (which includes the mic).
Tore it down, replaced everything, reassembled. No hitches, no glitches.

After?- still no bottom mic functionality, and now, no Siri, voice text, etc. Home button works fine otherwise...????

She has the phone and I haven't tried a factory resent, but a reboot did no good.

Anyone ever hear of similar issues?? Any insights??

iOS6 installed, BTW. And phone out of warranty (before teardown), so no apple store visits planned..

thanks in advance!