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Aug 10, 2010
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hi, well i got my brand new ip4 yesterday! :) am really impressed with it so far having not had an iphone before, and ive not even done alot with it yet! still lots more too discover i think!

anyway i would just like to ask what is the best protection for my phone? a case, a bumper, both? i dont know too much about it yet, going to do some reading round too, ive read a little bit and seen people mention screen protectors and stick on strips etc which is best or a combanation?

ive also seen some people have mentioned the bumper or caes (cabt remember which) has scratched their phone? is this right and what product if any would you recomend to avoid this?

and finally, what about insurance? had anyone taken out anything to protect again damange, theft or loss etc and if so who with,how much and what does it cover, any recomendations?

any other tips/advice you may have id be glad to hear!

sorry for all the questions! thanks
If you got insurance, the only thing you would need is shields/skins on front, back and edge. Thats my opinion.

I got extra insurance for any kind of damage and for theft. However I have also bought the Otterbox Defender case, probably is the toughest case out there.

I have also bought different skins and shields to try out, just to be able to change the look on the iPhone as I see fit :)
Does your new purchase qualify for the free Apple case program? Think you have until
Sept 30 to order your free case.
I have not yet received my iphone .(
ETA - 14. Sep
hi, yeah it does, i have had a look at them and am trying to decide which to go for!
i ordered the belkin clear plastic case, although i also bought the ifrogz blue and black case, i purchased that even before i had my phone, the real reason why i bought it is to eliminate the antenna problem, AND to protect the phone itself, im leaning towards getting the element case i think its called vapor case or something like that, but its quite expensive but it looks like a tank haha
I tried a couple different cases. The apple bumper, and the Griffin Reveal. I thought the Reveal was the better of the 2 for me, but neither felt like they would help protect the phone if I dropped it. I just got the Otter box day before yesterday and it feels like I could throw the phone across the room and it wouldn't break. (please don't try this) My wife liked it so much, she had me go get her one yesterday. It does add some bulk to the phone but it does give me piece of mind that if I drop the phone it will have some chance of survival.
Zagg Invisible shield Max Coverage with an Otterbox Defender over that. Sure insurance will replace a broken phone but I can't afford to be without a phone in the meantime. I travel all over the world. I'd be sunk without a working phone so I need to physically protect it for getting broken in the first place.