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Problem upgrading iPhone 4 to IOS 5


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Jun 8, 2011
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Charlotte burb
You hear of a few horror stories here because this is where someone with an issue will come for advice. 99% of people with an iPhone don't have any issues at all upgrading...probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. Don't worry about upgrades just for the few bad stories you see here!


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Aug 19, 2012
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backinhumanform.... did you find a definitive reason WHY this upgrade didn't take place? Do you suspect Windows (drivers, OS, anything??) or something else. Perhaps your iPhone wasn't in "good" condition.... or an iTunes glitch. Any idea? I'd really like to go from my iOS 4.1 to iOS 5.+ but these kind of anecdotes just keep popping up. Comments?

I don't know why. The thing that struck me as unusual was that, when the iPhone was plugged into my laptop, and I looked at my device drivers in Device Manager, there were two items listed in "Other device", both of which were my iPhone. There should only have been one item there. I think the reason was most probably drivers, as I was able to restore the phone on another laptop.

Someone else posted that you do hear of horror stories and that 99% of upgrades are fine. This is probably true - not sure if it's 99%, but I'd imagine it's 90% or more? I don't know. If you upgrade, make sure you back up everything beforehand. My iPhone did this automatically, I didn't lose anything bar a few text messages. It was inconvenient, that's all.

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