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Problem Getting Video From Phone to PC After iOS 11 Update


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Oct 19, 2017
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I have been shooting video and loadng to my pc with no problems until the iOS 11 updates.
Before, I would plug in my phone, iTunes would open, and my Windows explorer folder would open showing my iPhone and how much storage was on it. I would click that and DCIM would open. Then I would click through to my videos and drag and drop them on my pc desktop. No go now.
When I connect my phone now, iTunes opens up but no explorer. Sometmes it will show up but show that there is no content.
I was on chat with Apple for a couple of hours and there was no figuring it out. And my operating system is Window 10 64 bit.
Any suggestions?
It is unlocked, and the trust/allow prompt comes up... but only after I go to general settings and reset location and privacy. Then it only recognizes the phone part of the time. And even then it shows no content.
Another thing, on the rare occasion it does work, part way through the transfer of the videos from the phone to the pc it will stop and say that the device is not there.
As I said above, all of this happened after iOS 11. There are other weird things happening as well, but I will save that for another time.
Try a hard reset on the phone or even a simple clearing of the app. Hold the power button until the power phone off shows up, then release home button and then hold down home button until the phone display comes back. This clears the RAM. Basically making the app reboot. Works well for hangups as I have found since the iOS 11 updates LOL!!
The method for a hard reset could be different from as quoted by 933 please say which model iPhone you own.
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You will need to hold down the power button and the volume down button until the  appears, and then the phone will reboot.
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