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    Saving 4k Video

    Hi, Im new to the forum so I hope this is posted in the right place. I have an 11 pro and want to shoot a 4k video, however I was told when it is saved to camera roll it is compressed. If this is true why bother? Is there a way to download to a PC and maintain the size? Thanks,, Richard :(
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    No video, sound or anything

    Hello, My phone recently messed up quite a bit, but none of the online fixes seem to work. Some background: the silent switch on my phone has been broken (in silent position) for ages, but hasn’t stopped me watching videos or anything like that. It just stopped the sound on certain games and...
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    Problem Getting Video From Phone to PC After iOS 11 Update

    I have been shooting video and loadng to my pc with no problems until the iOS 11 updates. Before, I would plug in my phone, iTunes would open, and my Windows explorer folder would open showing my iPhone and how much storage was on it. I would click that and DCIM would open. Then I would click...
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    Shooting 4k with the iPhone 7 plus

    Hey gang - we're planning on doing some 4 shooting with the iPhone 7plus and I'm just realizing that a good portion of it will need to be with the front facing camera. It appears that will only shoot 1080p and NOT 4k and then I clearly don't have the advantages of the dual camera. Trying to...
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    Can the live view be turned off while taking video?

    the light from the screen may affect the lighting. I know I can cover it but may create other problems, such as over-heating or shaking... I am using iPhone 7 plus.
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    mobile photography v.s. mobile video shooting

    I use iPhone to take pics almost everyday. But now I shoot videos via iPhone almost as often as I take pics. Since there're more and more gears that make mobile video shooting more convenient, and more apps for post-production, it seems that the popularity of videos are overwhelming that of...
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    Display Issue for 5C

    I've re-seated the display cables (a common fix from what I've read) but to no avail. Any speculation on what the problem may be?
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    Record video direct to external hard disk drive with iPhone 5

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a way that I can record video directly to an external hard disk drive? Space is always an issue and I don't want to have to clean my phone out every time I want to record something and for the long videos I do I can't just record on the phone and then transfer...