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problem contacts and imessage

Sep 26, 2014
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Hi all. I just got as a present from a friend an iPhone 4s that I have upgraded to iOS 8 with no problem.
I am new to iPhone but not to Apple. I have a MacMini, iPad, and iTouch. I had a LG Android phone. I like the iPhone but am having a weird problem that I can't inderstand.

I could not get my contacts from the Android (.vcf file) to transfer to my 4s. So I took about 2 hours to put on my contacts into Contacts on my computer. They all synced perfectly with my computer, iPad and iPhone.

Then came my problem.

When I want to send a message, I open Messages and address it to one of my contacts that is in my Contacts folder. When I try to send it, it always fails. As it does if I try to make a call from my contacts.
On the other hand, if I manually put in the phone number of the contact to either send a message or call, it works fine.

I have tried a lot of things but can't see where the fix is.

Can anyone explain the strange behavior to me and give me a solution?
Thanks for any help on this.