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May 27, 2010
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It is always very difficult to get a new site off of the ground, and for that reason we ask for you to help us!

If you are on any forums, own your own blog or even have your own website or a community you participate in, please link to us!

A link can help get the site noticed and helps in the search engines, any little bit helps.

If you link to us, be sure to tell us about it in this thread so you can get some additional exposure as well.

Thanks in advance!

To link to us with HTML, use the following:

<a href="http://www.iphoneforums.net">iPhone Forum</a>

In addition, you can use BBCode if you are on another forum:

{url=http://www.iphoneforums.net}iPhone Forum{/url}

Of course above you need to replace the { and } character with [ and ] respectively or it will not work.
i told someone about this and the ipad forums today ;)
Looks like you Guys are doing pretty good! I was online this morning at about 1:30 and there was still a lot of traffic. I will do My part. I like Forums a lot. I am a Member of Several& I promise to play by the rules.
Bump -- Wanted to bring this to the top to see if anyone out there was interested in providing us links on their homepages, sites they participate on, etc.

I did get us a mention on a blog some time ago when 4.3.1 was released about celeste
Anand63 said:
Please help me...!
I am preparing(studying) How to develop a iphone apps.
I have some books on development of apps.
Please suggest me form which book i study..
Which book is good for fresher's..

1) Building iPhone Apps with HTML,CSS and JavaScript
By Jonathan Stark O&rsquo;REILLY

2) iPhone Application Development for ios 4

3) iPhone Application Development the missing manual
BY Craig Hockenberry O&rsquo;REILLY

4) Professional iPhone and ipad Application Development

5) The Business of iPhone App Development
BY Dave Wooldridge with Michael Schneider

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Been spreading the gospel since I first joined, i've harangued the family and my clients, even natter about this forums items on Xbox live -while shooting terrorists :)
We here at iTelefoon.com would love to spread the word if you are willing to do the same. We can affiliate ourselves and become partners. :)
iTelefoon.com said:
We here at iTelefoon.com would love to spread the word if you are willing to do the same. We can affiliate ourselves and become partners. :)

Please forward a pm to me regarding this and how you can promote our forums.

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