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Paid application on a jailbroken device


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Jul 11, 2010
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I am new in iphone. Just wondering how the jailbreak works. The situation is ...

My friend has a itunes account and he paid for and app and downloaded onto his iphone.
from his pc i have copied the .app from the itunes folder.

Now how can i get that application installed without paying or opening another account?

Can i install that .app using installous.
Please do not mind if some of my questions silly. because i just heard all these names randomly and making an assumption.

Will jailbreak gives any solution for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Just get his account name and password sign in to it on your. Hoone and. Find the app and dowload it. You will get a pop up from the app store saying you have already purchased and it will be free.
Just remember when you sync your iPhone to your account it will delete it because you didn't purchase it on your account.
@DannyBoy not necessarily, it will ask you to verify/activate (idk what they call it) the account on your computer.
Right, but if you sync to one account..and use a friends accnt to load an app. When you sync back to your account. It will erase it. Just protects the app developer. :)
is there any way that i can keep application in my device without removing at the time of sync with my i tunes?
@ everyone! Whenever the jailbreak comes out. Just download appsync and it wont matter after that. Just sync... And yes, they already have an appsync 4.0
Set up all of your sync tabs to manual. I don't have anything that syncs automatically on my iphone or ipod.