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Padacs Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review


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Jun 18, 2010
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Although the Padacs Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, among many other mobile devices, I'd say that it's really most suitable for use with the iPhone, although it would also work really well with the iPad if you're a dedicated thumb user for typing and texting, in which case you'll probably find this much easier than the iPad keyboard. For touch typists or hunt n' peckers though, you're probably still better off with the iPad's on-screen keyboard, as you have to click the keys fairly hard with your fingers to touch type on this one. I'm pretty sure it was designed almost solely for Blackberry-style thumb input.

The keyboard comes with an installation CD and a USB 2.0 power cable, and is very easy to set up right out of the box. You simply have to connect it to your computer for about half an hour to charge it, press the "PAIR/CONNECT" button on the top right of the device, then turn on Bluetooth on your device and wait while it finds the keyboard, which it does almost instantly. You'll then be prompted to enter a code on your keyboard to complete the connection, and then you're ready to go!

The Mini Bluetooth keyboard has a full QWERTY key layout, as well as some other really useful functions right there on the keypad such as a volume control. It really is the definition of a pocket-sized device, as it's extremely light and very easy to carry in your pocket or purse along with your iPhone. Even so it feels pretty sturdy and durable too. If you're someone who's been longing to use a physical, Blackberry-style keyboard with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this is the perfect accessory and well worth the investment.

You can get the Padacs Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for $59.95 from Padacs.com.


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Jun 15, 2010
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United Kingdom
perfect size for the iphone, for people who complain about the touch screen only keyboard but will then complain its extra and you have to pay more for it

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