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OnePlus is Selling iPhone Cases that Include Free OnePlus X Purchase Invite


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Jul 27, 2011
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OnePlus is now selling iPhone 6 and 6S cases, but there is an extra bonus that comes with buying the case. You also get a free invite to purchase one of their OnePlus X smartphones. (For those who don't know, you can normally only buy a OnePlus X, or other OnePlus smartphone by getting lucky with their limited "invite only" purchasing system.)

After pondering this strange marketing idea for a bit we came to the conclusion that it's pretty sneaky.

By selling iPhone cases, the company can build up a little extra revenue with something that is cheap and easy to produce and could be an easy seller. And, at the same time, they are enticing folks to move away from Apple by trying out an Android device.

The OnePlus iPhone 6 and 6S cases will retail for $19.99 (£15.99). It has the company’s signature Sandstone Black color design with the OnePlus logo on the back. They even included a snarky “Get a grip. #NeverSettle” message on the inside of the case as suggestive advertising to get users to switch.

Who knows if this crazy marketing idea will even fly, but they certainly are thinking outside the box. The case does look pretty good too, so we can imagine there will be some folks interested in buying it. Whether they will be tempted to get a OnePlus X smartphone is a different matter entirely.

Source: OnePlus Sandstone Case