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Official iPhone Apps crashing?


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Sep 25, 2010
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Is it normal for iPhone included features to crash after I try to open them like the App Store, Safari, or Messaging? They crash every now and then but are fine when I open them for the second time.

This has never happend to me before. What should I do?

it is not so important problem it happens to me sometimes.But If it replies it every time u open safari or app there is a problem.

the thing that I want to say that if you have a problem about iPhone:
every time>not normal
(I know because I have used all of the iPhones.)
NO, it's not normal! Try to do a soft-reset. Hold down the HOME button and the SLEEP/WAKE button until the apple icon appears and then let go. Wait for it to reload, it may take a while. If that doesn't do it, then maybe a restore is in order. Hope the reset does the trick! If you have a stock phone, it should not crash. If you have jailbroken it, then then you may have a bad app causing it to crash. Either way the soft-reset should help.