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Jun 12, 2014
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underspace praefectura
Hi everyone, I just recently purchased a 5s and I'm here because it looks like the best iPhone forum (and it also has the best jailbreaking section) that I've seen out of the rest.

I'm here to basically learn more about jailbreaking and just about the phone in general so yeah, I used to have an android and I flashed everything on there until I found out AT&T locked the bootloaders on the SGS4 so now I'm here because I didn't want to have to wait for them to get unlocked, and it was quite buggy too but that's besides the point. I'm really enjoying how the phone is without being jailbroken (and it seems like it's even going to get better with ios8) and I know that I can't even jailbreak it yet since it has 7.1.1, but this really has an extensive section for jailbreaking so I'll probably be reading over there a lot.

I just wanted to give some background information about my phone life lol, but yeah that's basically it. I'm looking forward to staying here~
Welcome to the best iPhone Forums on the planet! You're in luck, we have some jailbreak experts here :)

Remember that using the Search Function may help you find answers to many questions that others have previously asked. We recommend that you also familiarize yourself with our Forum Rules.

We're glad you could join us and we hope that your stay is enjoyable.
Hey [emoji106] there's a world of knowledge here at your finger tips for all things iPhone. Enjoy [emoji3][emoji106]

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