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newbie with some qs



how do i set up voice dialing?
how do i tell if I am connected to the wifi in my house? When I got it home yesterday I did not start with wifi b/c my DH had to find our password. Now I have it set up and the password is in the phone but is that what it is using?
I had unlimited data and the guy at Apple Store made me pick one of the two new plans. How do I get grandfathered into my old unlimited data plan? And if I want to use iphone4 as my GPS (going to buy TomTom or one of the others) will it be eating data during the whole trip? That would be the only reason I would want to keep unlimited.

1. Hold down the home button. Voicedial will come up with a blue screen.

2.The wifi icon will appear instead of the 3G one when you are using it.

3.If you have already switched off the unlimited plan I don't think you will be able to keep the unlimited. I would call AT&T and see what they can do to help.

4. The Google gps will use data as you drive to load the maps. All the tom-tom maps are saved in the app so you would not be using data....

Hope that helps!
I called ATT and I would have been able to keep the unlimited plan but only if I already had an iPhone.
I downloaded GPS drive. Does that one use data while you are driving? It had such good reviews and was .99. How can that be when the others are tons more expensive?
Yes , Drive will use data. Versus some other Apps that come complete with an entire map pack such as TomTom. After you use Drive a bit be sure and post your thoughts on it!
so if i were to use it the whole way on a 6 hour car trip is there anyway to figure out how much data that would use? I will probably just use Copilot. That is one of the ones that do not use data. Thanks for all of your help. I feel like such a dork needing all of this help. But I will use Drive today around town and see how it goes.
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Just reset you data usage in settings. Use it for an hour then go check how much data you used. Should give you some kind of an idea. :)
Just bought copilot. Can not install in new iphone 4...Any suggestions?
I called ATT and I would have been able to keep the unlimited plan but only if I already had an iPhone.
Whoever you talked to did not know what they were talking about. I have unlimited data on my blackberry Bold 9000 and when I ordered my iP4 the salesman continued my unlimited data plan for my new iP4. Go in and talk to someone who knows. I think you got shafted being forced to switch plans. Hopefully AT&T can switch you back. Let them know that the Apple people switched you. You didn't want to switch.

I hope that helps you out.