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Jun 16, 2010
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Hey everybody, iPad and iPhone 3GS owner here!

Same name on the other iPad forum!
Welcome to the site Numblock, glad to have you over here as well.
Thanks for the warm welcome! Good to see y'all here too.
welcome! nice you have lots of apple products. how is the ipad?
My main PC doesn't do anything but stream and convert videos now and the occasional upload/download thing, so yeah, I love it. I'm typing on it right now.

Actually we just got our second iPod Touch yesterday so we have more iGadgets as humans at our place. Still no macs tho. :p
the more i reasearch mac the more i want to get a mbp the editing toold for videos are amazing and free, i cant find any decent ones even pay for for windows, but truth be told i wouldnot even think of mac if it where not for the i products..ipod and iphone lol.. people calling them a gateway drug lol