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NEW iPod Nano Clock Faces, Nike+, and Larger Icons


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Yesterday Apple showed off some pretty nifty things. Though without updating the iPod Touch or the iPod Nano, Apple had to add a few smaller upgrades to fill in the gap. With the 6th Generation iPod Nano you can now update to 1.2 via iTunes to get some of these new features. This update includes 18 new clock faces for your Nano. There are a ton of case companies making those wrist watch Nano cases and they seem to make the device popular. Apple's decision to add more clocks to show off was definitely a great one. If you are a user of Nike+ you will be happy to find out you no longer need the foot dongle in your shoe and that Nike+ is fully built in and enabled on your Nano. Finally, you now have the ability to make you icons on your homescreen a bit bigger. With this enlargement you can swipe left and right one icon at a time to make it a bit easier to click.

That's about it for the Nano, did these features make you even more happy about your device? Or would you have rather seen a full Nano refresh?

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Feb 27, 2011
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Vallejo, Ca
for the $149 price tag i have to get one. It would be nice to use this as my ipod/watch instead of using my phone storage.

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