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Dec 7, 2010
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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Hello Guys:

I used to be a Microsoft / IBM PC's fan,
never liked Apples. I have been repairing
PC's since their arrival in 1982, the
same year I got my BS in Electrical Engineering.

Got my iPhone 4 from a girlfriend that works
for AT&T in Puerto Rico. I wanted a Samsung Galaxy,
but she convinced to try the 32GB iPhone 4.
I used to be a Samsung celphones fan,
my last 3 cels were workhorses from Samsung.

I was very skeptical to walk with an Apple celphone
for the first week (got it on Nov 13, 2010). But,
due to the fact that I am amazed with all the
stuff I can do with the iPhone 4, I decided to keep it.
Anyway, I still hace until Dec 13, 2010 to bring it back
( I have to pay more than $200 for the screw to leave
CLARO in the middle of a contract extension, eventhough
I have been been with them for more than 10 years.

AT&T works execellent for voice and data in Puerto Rico.
But CLARO (formerly Verizon in Puerto Rico) has almost
100% coverage, but data speed is getting terrible.
AT&T is the most expensive, and CLARO is the cheapest
(owned by a Mexican "Bill Gates" clone).

Hope to make good friends over here !!!

Saludos desde Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico !!!
Rafael Morales
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