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Neither restore via iCloud nor iTunes is working


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Oct 7, 2012
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I have fallen victim to Facebook's controversial email deleting fiasco where all email addresses are replaced with @facebook.com addresses. I got that fixed and the @facebook.com addresses are gone, and I also have an iCloud backup and a backup on my laptop in Address Book, so I thought this would be an easy restore.
I tried to restore my old contacts from iCloud...no email addresses show up.
I tried to sync with Address Book on my laptop using iTunes...still no email addresses on the phone (they are still on the laptop).
What gives? Any suggestions?
Do you have your contacts on your computer showing the proper email address + all the rest of the contact data?

iTunes sync works by choosing the latest modifications and spreading them accross - you might have even changed your original Address Book contacts to show the facebook.com email address after the sync.
Yes, contacts on the computer are unchanged. They are just as they supposed to be.