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sync iPhone with Outlook? Help!


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Jun 19, 2011
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I am trying to transfer my contacts and calendar info from my iPhone to Outlook 2010 on a new laptop. I selected the correct settings in the "info" tab in iTunes, and the sync appears to process however it's not transferring correctly. Specifically, once the sync is complete I will all my contact names and their company info in my outlook contacts, but there will be no phone numbers, no email addresses attached to any of them AND my contacts in my iPhone will be like that (all the names, but no other data. It's just gone)....I then have to re-sync my phone with my Macbook address book in order to restore the data and start over.

Can anyone offer any help? Thanks.
I don't know how to help you, but it looks like we might be in the right place together.

Today, I went about syncing my iPhone4 to my pc including Outlook Calendar, Notes, and email.

Everything went south pretty much there. It duplicated all appts that were on the pc on the phone, so there are 2 of everything there. None of my notes from my phone moved to my pc, and all of my appts recorded first on my iPhone are lost.
Ugh! I can't help with this, but this used to happen to me way back when I was using a Compaq PDA. It is frustrating.