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Jan 8, 2011
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I'm a new member and hopefully can get some advice. I've been a Verizon customer for many years and have anxiously been waiting for Verizon to begin selling the Iphone. I currently have a BB curve and have had it over two years. I had nearly gave up on the idea of Verizon getting the Iphone and had been considering purchasing an Android but now it is pretty certain that Verizon will be getting the Iphone soon. I read that many do not intend to give up their Androids for the Iphone.

I need advice on whether to purchase an Android or an Iphone. If there is anyone on here that has used both it would be great if you could give me reasons for which you prefer. I've not used either and feel torn as to which to purchase. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well since you've joined an iPhone fourm your going to get a biased opinion here, equally if you've joined an android fourm.

Your best going down to the store and asking for a demo of both types of phones. Remember you will also get a 30 day return policy if you don't like whichever one you choose.

I've been an iPhone user for over 3 years now and don't plan on going anywhere else...
Thank you for your reply. Since I've not used either the Android or the Iphone it would be my luck that I purchase one and use it for a week then wonder what the other would be like and exchange it and then find I liked my first one better and wish to exchange the second one for my first choice. I would expect Verizon to get pretty aggravated with me. lol I thought perhaps if someone on here had used both, they could give me a fairly good explanation of the major differences.

I've read that Iphone does not have flash where Android does but I'm not even sure what that means. I know they're not talking about flash for the camera because Iphone does have photo flash. I've also read there is now a "workaround" for the fact that Iphone does not have flash.
Flash is a type of software that is used to play alot games and videos on websites. As the iPhone does not support it you can't get certian websites to display fully. There is a workaround for it but it's not exactly perfect. Also it only works on videos and not all of them. To be honest I've not missed flash on my phone. I use YouTube for videos and there's hundred off apps on the app store to keep you busy. Much better quality and alot more variety than androids so I'm told...
Welcome Prof.... FYI, I used 2 Android phones, one was the Droid X, prior to my current iPhones. The Androids were OK but had minor stability issues -- just small annoyances that could be cleared up with a re-boot, etc. My iPhones though are rock solid and I haven't experienced any problems (except with ******* iTunes). Probably your choice should consider the cellular network you'll most be using and tailor your hardware choice to that.

Note: but since the iPhone will be available on a network other than AT&T soon, that will narrow your decision.
I am a new user I live in Vancouver BC and have a small PC repair business and lately a lot of people have asked me to replace the glass on their iPhone 4 with the aluminum back. I would like to know where I can buy these parts here in Canada. Any suggestions?
Thank you;, Ewyatt. I plan on staying with Verizon. It's going to be interesting to see what the Verizon Iphone looks like. It may be a little thicker since it will be a CDMA phone. It appears that if I go with the Iphone I'll be able to get whatever help I may need from this site. It's great that so much knowledge about the Iphone exists right here on this forum.