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Jan 9, 2016
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I couldn't find a perfect thread category to put this in so I'm dropping it here. I am in need of an app or cydia tweak to simulate something like autohotkey on an iPhone. I suspect I may have to jailbreak to do this - that's fine with me. Specifically, what I need is something which will run in the background, and interpret a blip on the phone's accelerometer as a tap on a specific part of the screen. The perfect app would be one which works like keymapping on an emulator - it asks for an action, and then what you want that action trigger. Basically, what I need is...exactly autohotkey. Sadly, that does not exist as an iPhone app.

I am an expert at bodging together all manner of software, making a>b>c>d>e. I once had a DVD player & a set of rabbit ears routed through the input channel on a VHS player because tv didn't have enough AV inputs. I've used screen sharing software to play desktop Spotify on my iPhone. RIGHT NOW my TV is playing a livestream of NASA TV via the NASA TV livestreaming website being accessed on a casting browser app, casting to the Chromecast. The solution I'm seeking doesn't have to be easy or elegant - it just needs to work. The point of all this self-aggrandizement is to say that I'm willing to smash together any software necessary to make this work. if anyone's got any other solutions, such as apps which send commands to a pc and back, by all means throw them at me.

If you're thinking that I am trying to find a way to get an iPhone with a google cardboard to work as TRUE VR, so walking IRL walks in street view...then you are exactly correct.
Hmmmm. That's kind of a start - but the issue here is that I need it to:
A: Control an iPhone, not something else, and
B: Run in the background.

It does say that can control autohotkey, which is very interesting - VERY interesting. I wonder if I could do this with 2 phones - one running that controlling autohotkey, and another jailbroken phone with screensharing software running on it, and have a flick on phone 1 using that app make autohotkey click on the screen share window for phone 2....it's quite inelegant but it might work...

Still hoping for something which could run on the same phone though.
You're not going to find an app in the App Store that would allow one iPhone to control another or allow external control of an iPhone from a computer. The app sandboxing rules would not grant an app the level of access to core systems needed for such an app to work.
I kind of figured that might be the case. I'm not hoping it would control another iPhone though - the perfect solution would only involve one phone, and no computer intervention. I might have to go more complicated than that, however. I am not at all opposed to jailbreaking if it's needed. Would this question be better moved to the jailbreaking section of the forum?
What you want to do would definitely require a jailbroken iPhone as even if your desired functionality were restricted to an individual iPhone, with no interaction with other devices. It would still violate Apple app sandboxing guidelines.
Because of this I'm moving this thread to the iPhone Jailbreaking Forum.

P.S.: iOS 9.2, the current version of iOS, has no jailbreak at this time.