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  1. F

    How to turn off an app

    To Whom It May Concern: I want to us screen time to turn off a particular app that my child wants to use (tiktok). I have noticed that I can restrict it only for 1 minute using screentime, but I don't want her to use it at all. How can I disable or turn off this particular app? Thanks, Frank
  2. M

    looking for password/protected notes app

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that can do ALL of the following: - Allow me to keep a list of all of my passowords (including usernames & site names) - Allow me to search by site name (if I want to easily find my Facebook pass, for example) - Allow to backup the whole content easily, to...
  3. J

    Equalizer app to adjust *all* sound / ios 12.1

    Hello I use a variety of music sources, mainly BBC Sounds and Amazon music unlimited, which don't seem to include in-built EQ features in the apps. (N.B. I don't use Apple Music or itunes) I'd like to use an equalizer app to adjust the sound to my ears and environment. The question is, which...
  4. J

    Meaning of numbers in iPhone 6 weather app

    In my iPhone 6 weather app, the city is displayed at the top of the screen, with the temperature below it, and the day (for example, "Tuesday Today") below it. To the right of the day are two numbers. The first one is a number in white font that is high and the one to the right of it is a number...
  5. Shiloh

    Xmarks bookmark sync doesn't run on iOS 11 - RESOLVED

    Rather than sync my more than 8000 bookmarks on my PC with Safari browser on my iPhone, which would be a total mess, I always used Xmarks Premium. The bookmarks from my PC were contained in the Xmarks app on my iPhone in neat folders exactly as they appear in my PC browser and I could direct...
  6. J

    Never ending app download (whatsapp)

    I'm trying to install WhatsApp on my iPhone 7. I an new to iPhone so maybe I'm not doing something right. When I press/tap on Get (for WhatsApp) the little icon goes round and round indicating that something is happening, but it just never finishes. It will go on for hours and never download...
  7. D

    Can someone suggest a reminders app for iPhone?

    Guys: I spent what seems like countless hours looking for an iPhone app to do the following: (Note that I need all of these points to work in this app.) (1) Have an ability to create a reminder with the following: - Short title (example: "Check tire pressure") - Optional description...
  8. R

    App data not restoring

    Hi, I've recently purchased an iPhone 7 and have transferred all my purchases from my iPhone 6 and then backed it up via iTunes. I then plugged in the iPhone 7 and clicked restore from backup. It has restored my contacts, messages, photos and all of my apps however not all of the apps have...
  9. C

    App to log GPS and Compass

    Hi all, Does anyone know an app which can log both compass and gps values? Ideally at the end of a session I could email myself the data for analysis. Thanks, Charlie
  10. H

    Recover old snapchat messages

    Help recover old snapchats on private messages that you haven't saved? Is there a safe way to do this? I have iPhone 6 ios 9.2 PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO SERIOUS. I know snapchats are never really deleted and are saved somewhere on your phone. How do you view them again?!
  11. P

    Needed: iPhone autohotkey alternative

    I couldn't find a perfect thread category to put this in so I'm dropping it here. I am in need of an app or cydia tweak to simulate something like autohotkey on an iPhone. I suspect I may have to jailbreak to do this - that's fine with me. Specifically, what I need is something which will run in...
  12. M

    Apps for backing up contacts and messages on iPhone 6

    Hi Everyone, My phone has a problem of continuous restarting. I took it to the apple shop and they advised and insisted to reset it completely and start it as new phone. I did but now I can't see like 200 of my contacts, in addition I will loose all of my messages. I am going to restore my...
  13. DaveM

    Home monitoring via 4G LTE cellular

    I need to be able to monitor a house at another location which will have heat and electricity, but no Internet. In particular I would need to know if the power should go out this winter. Is there a device which would have its own battery that would connect to Verizon 4G LTE cellular and send...