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Can someone suggest a reminders app for iPhone?


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Oct 4, 2015
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I spent what seems like countless hours looking for an iPhone app to do the following:
(Note that I need all of these points to work in this app.)

(1) Have an ability to create a reminder with the following:
- Short title (example: "Check tire pressure")
- Optional description (any longer text)
- Specify date and time for reminder to trigger.
But be able to add any time, and not just divisible by 5 minutes!
(Example: "Dec. 1, 2016, 6:13 PM")
- Specify when to repeat.
Such as: never, daily, weekly, on N-th weekday, in N days, in N months, yearly, etc.
(Example: "Repeat every 3rd month")

(2) Be able to play a sound when reminder triggers.

(3) Show a badge number on the app's icon with the number of currently due reminders.

(4) Give me an ability to swipe away reminders that are done, thus decreasing the number on the badge icon.

Am I asking for too much? Why can't I find an iOS app to do this?
That is a pretty tall order, but I find a combination of the Calendar and the native Reminders App fits the bill to the nearest five minutes.
Not sure if this app can do all that but check out the "Any.DO " app. It's free but you can get the paid version. Not sure what that does
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Blackberry will launch their app suite very soon including Remember App.