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  1. Michael Graubart

    In iOS 13.1.2 Reminders app, 'Repeat' does not work

    I have updated to iOS 13.1.2. My phone is iPhone 7. Here is another Reminders problem: Reminders set to repeat monthly, daily , hourly sound a notification at the first set date and time, but do not repeat. This applies both to reminders. set before updating to iOS 13 and to new ones. I read...
  2. Michael Graubart

    Reminders app: running or not?

    I use the native Reminders app on my iphone SE (iOS 11.4.1). I have the following question, which, I hope, is not too naive: after I have set the reminder up, should I leave the app running in the background after I close the phone down? With most apps, once I have finished using them and am...
  3. C

    Add reminder to specific list WITH time using Siri

    I know I can use Siri to add a reminder to a specific list - "Remind me to [task] on my [list title] list" I also know I can have Siri remind me at a specific time - "Remind me to [task] at [date & time]" However, I can't seem to have Siri do both at the same time - "Remind me to [task] at...
  4. D

    Can someone suggest a reminders app for iPhone?

    Guys: I spent what seems like countless hours looking for an iPhone app to do the following: (Note that I need all of these points to work in this app.) (1) Have an ability to create a reminder with the following: - Short title (example: "Check tire pressure") - Optional description...
  5. P

    Reminder alerts different between iphone and icloud

    I see different reminder alert options depending on whether I'm setting up an event on my phone or on icloud. If I pick a certain option in icloud, when it syncs to the phone, there are suddenly TWO alerts -- and neither one is what I originally selected when creating the event. WTF?!? How...