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Equalizer app to adjust *all* sound / ios 12.1


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Mar 13, 2019
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I use a variety of music sources, mainly BBC Sounds and Amazon music unlimited, which don't seem to include in-built EQ features in the apps. (N.B. I don't use Apple Music or itunes)

I'd like to use an equalizer app to adjust the sound to my ears and environment.

The question is, which apps best cater for this and allow me to adjust the sound from all of these apps?
Even better if they work with bluetooth streaming & air play as well as headphones.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
This app can set the maximum volume of an iOS device. It controls the volume as a whole and can't separately control the volume of individual apps. It cannot adjust the volume based on the general sound level in the environment. ‎Volume Limit Control

For an app to have volume control over individual apps an iOS device the device would have to be jailbroken as such an app would violate the sandboxing rules for iOS apps.
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Thanks for the reply scifan57.

The volume limit control isn't really what I'm after unfortunately - what I'm after is the ability to adjust the sound levels at different frequencies (as a simple example, turn down the bass end, but turn up mid range and top end) but to do so consistently across all apps. Guess Apple have made it impossible.

Pity really as its a very useful feature - one that my 12 y.o. ipod has.
Most of the apps seem to only play the device's own music, itunes / apple music or tunein radio (which I also don't use)