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  1. J

    Equalizer app to adjust *all* sound / ios 12.1

    Hello I use a variety of music sources, mainly BBC Sounds and Amazon music unlimited, which don't seem to include in-built EQ features in the apps. (N.B. I don't use Apple Music or itunes) I'd like to use an equalizer app to adjust the sound to my ears and environment. The question is, which...
  2. DukeOfURL

    setting up a geofence in iOS 10

    I've never used a geofence before, but I know what they are. I don't know how to set one up, but I'd like to set it so that my wifi automatically turns off when I'm away from my home, and then automatically turns on, if already off, and connects to my wireless specifically (by name if...
  3. KevinJS

    iPhone bricked after update failure?

    I spent part of today restoring my son's iPhone SE. He informed me that it had become bricked during a software update. I thought nothing more of it and restored it. I was somewhat bemused to note that although I had restored it to factory settings, his photographs had survived. Anyway, it...