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Apps for backing up contacts and messages on iPhone 6


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Dec 18, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

My phone has a problem of continuous restarting. I took it to the apple shop and they advised and insisted to reset it completely and start it as new phone. I did but now I can't see like 200 of my contacts, in addition I will loose all of my messages. I am going to restore my phone and backup my contact and messages using a third party app and then start it as new.

Question: Can you please let me know which one of apps (either free or paid) on app store are best ones for backing up and restoring messages AND contacts?

Thanks a lot
Why not use iTunes on your PC? It will back up your contacts and allow them to be restored.
They are saying there might be some problem in the whole package of apps (all together) and because of that it is better to start a fresh phone and download apps individually. I have the backup on both icloud and computer but when I am restoring from itunes or icloud, everything comes together and the phone restarts again.
I am looking for some app to backup my contacts and messages and after reseting phone, restore them using those apps.