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Need Urgent Help Regarding Sync Issue With iPhone4 (Due to Fresh iTunes Install onPC)


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Dec 30, 2011
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I'll attempt to make this question as concise and fully informative as possible. I have an iPhone 4 Jailbroken running firmware v4.3.3. I typically sync my phone with my PC on a normal basis until this past October I bought a new SSD and had to re-install iTunes on my C drive. As you know, a re-install means that any re-sync with a fresh iTunes install means that the phone will basically wiped clean. Since the new iTunes install I have regularly been "Backing Up" the iPhone,(but never synced it) however this is not a "Sync" of course, but I figure it still beneficial to do. I believe I have the following options and/or issues to deal with:

1) Is there any way to "reverse-sync" the iPhone to the PC, instead of the other way around? I kept the old iTunes operating files but I am not sure which ones I'd need to copy over to which folder to make a "current" sync happen, or to "fool" iTunes into thinking nothing has changed since the fresh install.
2) I realize a "restore" will erase the jailbreak, but what if I choose "Restore From Backup", will that also erase or reset the jailbreak?
3) I am mainly concerned with calendar appointments, my apps with invaluable information, and notes. Everything else such as music I can simply re-sync if I have to.

In essence, I am trying to do a up-to-date sync with the new iTunes install and loose as little data and information as possible (or none at all). I have apps installed such as iFile that hold many files within the folder tree structure of the phone that I cannot afford to loose. I'd be willing to make backup copies of all these files if there is a viable solution for me, which Im hoping somebody can recommend to me.

As you can see in this pic, this is what warning I get when I attempt to check any "app" or "calendar" sync box:
Since it was a "fresh" iTunes install, if I sync it to my phone as it stands now it will invariably wipe my phone clean.

If there is a special app or PC app that I need to make things run smoother or achieve my goal I am more than happy to install whatever it takes. Thank you for any responses, they are most appreciated.

I have attempted to be as detailed yet brief as possible with my explanation of the nature of my problem, yet feel free to ask a question if it will assist you in further diagnosing and solving my issue.

Thanks again, I hope to get this problem resolved. Im open to any work-arounds or innovative techniquies to solve this issue...

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