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need blink light/ strong vibrate more freqent


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Jul 2, 2010
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I would like driod tech to add blink red light like black berry has it. i dont have to keep look at cell phone whos calling or text, email, etc. i like to see blink red and know someone call or text or email me. it will save my time not look at cell phone all day to see who calling ..

someone who have own new driod evo from sprinit. they say virbate is one time not same as black berry. i would suugest driod tech let people make choice option one two three or four time vibtrate also need to add strong vibrate for deaf or hearing loss people can feel it. Few of my friends say iphone is soft vibrate, they wish iphone could make strong vibrate and more time not one a time.

I test evo and newest htc verizon, they have same buzz each time you hit key. Iphone is very silent no buzz. I like very silent not buzz each time to hit the keyboard.

i want to buy either driod or iphone that have video chat , 8 megapix, most of same with evo, AND blink light for signal text, email just like black berry does, and more strong vibrate opintion one or two or three. also no buzz keyboard every time i type.. To meet my needs. If those driod or iphone make one like what i want then i will buy one that fits me!!!

i hope tech support will fix and improve for deaf / hearing loss people 's needs.
right now i have blackberry storm 8330. i am waiting for right one..