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Need a replacement alreay!!!


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Jul 2, 2010
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Delray Beach, Fl
What a crazy problem....I was on the phone today and all of a sudden my phone call dropped...when I looked at the phone, I noticed that the entire screen was enlarged so that I could not maneuver any of the screen....all I see is the time enlarged and the date in partial view. That is it.

I called the apple support and the guy told me to tap on the screen with 3 fingers 2 times to get the screen to go back to normal. Does not work. We tried turning off the phone, and it won't turn off, and when I tried to do a reset, the apple screen blinked for a while, but then the screen went blank. It took me about 10 minutes to try to get the screen back up but, alas, the screen is still enlarged.

Got an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the Genius bar at my local Apple store. The tech guy told me it more than likely it will have to be replaced. At this point I say yes it does, as this happened to me a few days ago but I was able to get it back by tapping it. I called my store, and they do not have stock on Iphone 4's for sale, but do have stock for those who need a replacement after it is seen by the Genius bar person.

I am so upset, my phone DOES NOT HAVE THE ANTENNA PROBLEM. My luck, I'll get a new one that does. Can't win!!!!
Yea that will suck. About that antenna problem what are the bars u get with the current iPhone 4 u have ?
Then on the new one I'm sure U won't get dropped calls or lose more then a bar or two. I have crappy reception at my house usually like 3 bars then when holding it drops to 0 bars. But when in a area with solid 5 bars no matter how I hold the phone I won't lose a Signal what so ever.
Just a follow up. Apparently you have to tap and drag your fingers as well
Then I went into assessibilities and turned off Zoom.
I would still take the phone in and have it checked.