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my cydia is weird....


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Aug 28, 2010
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basically whever i open it and when its looading and when on the top its saying downloadin packague it says language error but funny thing is it still works, but its annoying do you think i should re insta lmy jb but with greenpois0n this time?
well its english everything is in english even cydia is in english, but when i open cydia it says language error :( like whenever i add a source it addss the source but says language erro or sum error but it does add it tho, its just annoyin!
sounds like its something to do with the repos your adding, what ones if you dont mind me asking?
well all the repos i have added are english! like hackulo xselsize, errm and some other ones, BUT one of the sources is in italian or something, which is called a piracy repo that one is not english!

could it be that?

i had pudulo repo which i thought caused a problem i deleted that problem remianed but tht was in english?
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probably some italian text in there that cydia did not recognise. but as long as it works then thats ok
do you think i should try and delete bite your apple and see?

btw thanx fro replyin
np. try, but if the repo works and you have your files it does not really matter. but imo thats why.