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Discussion in 'iPhone Help' started by Michael Graubart, Oct 8, 2018.

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    I have an iPhone SE with iOS 12.0.

    I sometimes receive emails with MS Word documents attached. If I click on the attachment, the document is downloaded and I can read it. But if it had red 'Track changes' annotations in it, these cannot be seen. I have tried installing Word on my phone (but I find the iOS version of Word even more irritating and difficult to use than the MacOS one that I have to use on my desktop computer); and, having read that Pages will reveal annotations in a Word document, have tried that. But in neither case have I discovered how to open a downloaded document in the Word or the Pages app rather than in the iPhone's native software, and so still cannot read annotations. I should be very grateful for assistance.
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    You should be able to open it in the native app then 'import' it into Pages. Usually select the square at the bottom and select pages from the options.
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