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Discussion in 'iPhone Help' started by Michael Graubart, Sep 12, 2018.

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    I have just installed Microsoft Word on my phone (and I have Word on my Mac, too). I typed a small text in Word on the phone. When I sought to save it, the choice of places to save it in were very limited. I chose to save it on iPhone. If I had saved it in Dropbox, I could, of course, have subsequently accessed it in Dropbox on my Mac. But as I sync my phone with my Mac by means of iCloud, I hoped that I would be able to access it on my Mac directly without going via Dropbox. I have been unable to find it on my Mac, and help with this would be much appreciated.

    I should say that I have not chosen to have my Documents and Desktop folders synced automatically between phone and Mac because setting things up to do so removes all saved documents from my Mac and therefore does not actually create a backup, but I have manually copied my Documents folder to iCloud and periodically update the iCloud version manually. This would be another route for accessing an iPhone Word text on the Mac, but a very clumsy one.

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