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Sep 21, 2014
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Im new to this forum so im not sure which section to go to but im hoping sombody can tell me a good music app that has a great variety of music and will work while im doing other things on my phone, if anyone knows of one please tell me, im tired or being stuck on youtube when i want/need to do other things on my phone.

Also if if matter i use iphone phone4. Thanks to any and all that can help.
Have you considered the stock music app. It plays in the background when using other apps that don't have their own soundtrack. It's also useable when browsing the web. You can add music you purchased from iTunes as well as music ripped from your CD's to your computer, transferred to iTunes, then synced to your iPhone or other iOS device.
You can have a soundcloud account and can create a list of songs you like.
I heard there is an app that tells you how much you use ur iPhone in a day how manny times you tap the screen... ,would you know the name of it,please?

Thank you.
For my iPhone 4 I use various apps: Capital Public Radio because it streams both jazz and classical, another app called simply Classical Music, and iTunes has a music app as well.

I suggest you just go to the App Store and do a search for 'free music'. There's a great variety of apps to be had.... :)