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Looking for a Music app


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Aug 21, 2014
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Hi everyone :)

As the title says, I'm looking for a music app that caters to my uses.
I've been using the included Music app ever since my iPod Touch, but listening to the same songs gets repetitive sometimes and I don't really have the time to expand my music library manually these days. I recently got myself an iPhone so I'm curious about my new streaming options.

My requirements would be:
1. Free
2. Without audio ads (visual ads are okay as long as they're not too intrusive)
3. Easy to use

Ideally the app I'm looking for has some premade playlists to let me discover new music as well as a search function to listen to the music I want. I enjoy using Spotify for their playlists but their mobile app doesn't allow on-demand searching.

Any ideas?
You can't create your own "stations", but TuneIn Radio has tons of music stations, many with no commercials. Pretty much every type of genre you can think of you can find. The free version does have visual ads, but the Pro paid version does not.
I use TuneIn Radio as well. Love it...I use it all the time connected to my blue tooth Jam speaker when getting ready in the morning. I have the free version and works well for me.
Tunein radio is also my go to app for music. 8tracks is a pretty good one. People put together playlists for others to listen to.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. TuneIn and 8tracks both seem like they're good for discovering new music, but I'd also like the ability to listen to a specific song or artist I want, when I want.

I guess I'm looking for something like Spotify desktop (the ability to search for songs, listen to/make playlists) for mobile, that isn't subscription-fee-based. Might be a long shot, but is there anything like that?
Raditaz was free with a ton of music but they are gone till Fall sometime. Pretty much all the others have audio ads and limit what you can search for and play on-demand unless you pay the monthly fee. Slacker has a ton of music but the discovery feature sucks. I've been a subscriber of them since it came out and just dropped them because of that. I'm using Rdio now and it works pretty good, but for the best results, you're gonna have to pay the monthly fee...

You might give i-Heart radio a try, you can create stations or listen to live stations for free, but it does have ads.
I use SoundCloud which is great for discovering new. You can search for a song or artist or listen to a certain genre. You can also use the "like" button to save your favorite songs. It doesn't require an account so you can listen anonymously.
Hey guys, I've been using a mix of SoundCloud and 8tracks as my solution -- SoundCloud when I want to search for a specific song, and 8tracks when I want a mix to discover new music. It works well for the most part, but I can't find certain songs on SoundCloud. Most of them are covers & remixes, and I'm guessing the originals aren't licensed?

I've recently been looking to try other music apps on the App Store. Does anyone have experience with the MixerBox or iMusee+ app? I often see ads from them on Facebook and other iPhone forums and they look like they have potential.