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Looking for a hands-free solution


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Jul 27, 2010
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A few months back we updated our venerable old iPhone 2Gs to iPhone 4s - WHAT a difference! In the car I have been using a Belkin Tunebase FM for years, primarily for my iPod. I use the AUX cable rather than FM and I have never had a complaint, the thing works wonderfully well. With the iPhone 4 I found that the case of plastic bits for the Tunebase, which I had kept, contained a holder and a backing bit which allowed the iPhone 4 to fit almost perfectly, and it continues to work very well. Only now, every time I stick the iPhone 4 into the dock it tells me that "This device is not optimized for the iPhone 4 and - blah blah blah..." Annoying. Still, it works fine.

I though I could use the handsfree with this device, that the telephone incoming would be output on the speakers and the phone would pick up my voice through its built-in mic - but no. It silences the music nicely when a call comes in, but the voice seems to be output through the phone speakers - either way it is impossible to use.

So I have been looking for another dock which gives me the same features as the Tunebase and also allows handsfree - but the solutions I have found are not very good, the Belkin and Griffin accessories BOTH use the jack on top for input and output which means I need to use the volume on the phone. I would like to use the line-out for music.

So, here's my question. Does anyone know of a good accessory for the iPhone 4 that allows hands free and uses line-out for music? Can one use, for example, a blue-tooth solution? Could the iPhone use a Bluetooth adapter to the car AUX input, does such exist, would it work? Is there any solution on the horizon that looks like it might offer a good hands-free solution for the iPhone 4? So far, I shall stick with my old Tunebase and Bluetooth headset!

Thanks - Lawrence


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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
The best is the 9200 parrot integrated sound system with hands free a out $550 aus installed. Great with direct connect music using a small LCD for playlists and excellent Bluetooth for gps And playing movies and games in car
Col.bris Brisbane Australia