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Aux hands free.....HELP!!


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Jul 16, 2010
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Hey folks,

New to the forum and new to the phenomenon which is Apple. So far so good i have to say!!!

Thought i'd put the shout out and see if anyone on here has tried to get their Iphone 4 working like a hands free through the cars aux.

Problem is...... I've just upgraded from a Nokia N96 to a shiny new Iphone 4 and the beauty of the Nokia was that it came with a controller which plugged into the top of the phone with two separate 3.5mmconnections - one from the phone to the controls(play, forward, etc...) and the other from the controls to headphones which i ran to the aux in car via a standard male to male 3.5mm cable. It also had a microphone which allowed me to speak and use the aux hands free.

So, I want to do the same thing with my Iphone but i'm new to the Apple kit and know they have a reputation for changing compatibilities on their new stuff, just so you have to buy the corresponding equipment. I've found this below and thought it would be worth a shot, dont know if it is compatible with the 4 tho??

Sorry but i've not enough posts to post links yet. Here's the cable i was thinking:
Monster iSoniTalk

Has anyone done something similar with an older Iphone and does anyone know of compatibility issues with microphones/stereo out of the Iphone?

Any other aux hands free options that will allow me to listen to me tunes while being able to take calls? Or even a decent 'wired' kit for a 2008 Volvo S40??

Cheers in advance,

My I phone was easy to set up with the Microsoft Sync in my car with respect to hands free phone but haven't tried music yet so no help there.