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Leaked iPhone 7 prototype video (probably fake..)


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Jan 1, 2013
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Probably fake, but ya never know. I call shenanigans on the video because it's supposed to be in a FoxCom facility, but you clearly hear someone yelling in clear USA English.

Stranger things have happened, so who knows....

What I find interesting is the home button is integrated into the display, if it turns out to be true that would be cool.

Of course, a home button integrated into the display would be of no use in waking up an iPhone in sleep mode when the display is turned off. It would also make the current methods of entering DFU or recovery modes impossible.
Apple could easily move the DFU mode to the volume key(s).

I swear, but probably wrong, but thought I seen a patent from Apple a few years ago that integrates the fingerprint sensor into a display itself.