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Jailbreak Help with Downloading apps iOS 5.1.1?!?!

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May 16, 2012
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Iv JB my iPad 1st gen iOS 5.1.1, (Sorry its not iPhone related but similar!)

I downloaded cydia, and found out A Piracy Tweak was no longer along around which i was gutted about, so i did some research and found A Piracy Resource, A Piracy Resource & A Piracy Resource. But i can't seem to download any apps from them! i have downloaded and installed one or two apps with A Piracy Resource but they take ages and most of the time they fail to install!

I am trying to use A Piracy Resource but it won't open, something to do with installing A Piracy Resource? i have downloaded all the Piracy Resources available in Cydia for iOS5 and rebooted the iPad with no luck! any ideas as to what i am doing wrong?

any suggestions to a good alternative to A Piracy Resource?

Im assuming i can't in anyway upgrade from iOS5 can i? iPad 1st gen 3G 32GB

I never used to JB much on my iPhones but now i have an iPad i thought id give it a good go!

Thanks in advance!

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