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Pangu or Taig will not jailbreak my 5S IOS 8.0.2


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Feb 3, 2015
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I recently downloaded Taig and Pangu to try and jailbreak my iPhone 5S ios 8.0.2. I followed all of the steps about turning off my pass code and all that jazz but when I went to run Taig at about 50 to 60% everytime it shuts off my iphone and is unsuccessful. Then I tried Pangu and once I hit start it says " unable to get jailbreak resources, please check your network"
my internet is active and running
I am using a windows 7 pc

if anyone could help shine any light on the situation it would be greatly appreciated!
Run it as an administrator and change compatibility to Windows XP. Keep passcode off, airplane mode off, and re-attempt. Make sure iTunes is installed.

Also, make sure your ports are open. If you're connecting from a professional or educational environment, certain ports may be blocked.