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Jailbreaking iPad 2 iOS 7.1.2

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Sep 15, 2014
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Okay, so I rejailbreaking my iPad 2 running iOS 7.1.2 using Pangu again. Now the problem I was facing is that pirates would not install any apps that I downloaded. I had this piracy tweak installed and everything, but there were many to choose from and the ones I used just didn't let me put any pirated apps on, I even tried transferring from the PC.

So, I need help and suggestions:

What should I do, so I can actually use my iPad without running into all these issues?
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It's always best to read the forum rules of a forum or at least look at the description for the particular sub forum that you're posting in to make sure your question/topic of discussion is pertinent to the sub forum or within the forum guidelines.

The description for iPhone Jailbreaking's sub forum even states:

Please note: We do not allow discussions of cracked or pirated apps!

Piracy nets you one of two things, one, a device that's full of bugs because pirated/piracy tweaks and apps change the metadata of iOS and sandboxing as well as changing vital stock iOS codes, or two, a one way ticket to prison in any country when it catches up to you.

This forum does NOT condone piracy of any kind. If you'd like to pirate, I suggest finding a piracy forum so it's made easier to catch you.

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