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Itunes 10 sux ****


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Aug 5, 2015
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1. Been on mac since 99 when they were a small portion of the market (true story)
2. Kinda didn't mind iTunes but was annoyed at the massive d/l updates every few months that basically change everything w/out asking u
3. iTunes 10 takes the cake for pissing me off BIG TIME. On my iPhone 6 the new iTunes is WOEFUL. Of the 5 options on the bottom of my screen, I'm only REMOTELY INTERESTED IN ONE - MY MUSIC. FFS, I couldn't CARE LESS about love hearts, radio, new sh*t, connect. So I'm constantly hitting those new buttons accidentally & staring at my phone w/out recognizing a freakin' thing. GRRRRRRRR
Someone - pls put me out of my friggin' misery. I'm considering switching to Android (half joking)