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Cable disconnected during sync - Now can't sync HD TV episodes from iTunes to iPhone4


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Jun 1, 2012
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I've been trying to find an answer to or suggestions for solving my issue. Hopefully this is the right place. Sorry for all the detail, but I figure it might help with finding an answer.

Hardware/Software involved:
CDMA iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.10 (not jailbroken)
iTunes for Windows (XP Home SP3)

What happened:
First my Netbook hard drive, then my iPhone hard drive ran out of space from too many iTunes store purchases. I bought an external drive and followed the directions from an Apple Support tech article on to move the iTunes Media folder to the external drive. Once done, with new free disk space available for library additions, I connected my iPhone 4 to my Netbook. Oddly, the "found new hardware" balloon popped up, even though I'd connected and synced this iPhone to my Netbook many times in the past. Once it recognized it as an iPhone, I launched iTunes to sync. (I have iTunes set so it will not launch upon connection of the phone) The sync took much longer than anticipated and circumstances required me to end the sync before completion. To cancel the sync I simply slid the arrow slider across the iPhone screen. The screen of the iPhone responded making me think the cancellation was in progress, but iTunes on the Netbook kept downloading file after file, not stopping. After 10 minutes I attempted to exit out of iTunes, and got a dialog box warning that the sync in progress would be cancelled, and if asked me if I wanted to proceed. I clicked yes to cancel the sync, but it still continued. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to exit iTunes, I attempted to shut down the computer, but the sync STILL continued. 20 min had passed since the first attempt to cancel. With no activity on the dark iPhone screen, I disconnected the cable. iTunes responded with an alert that the sync had been interrupted, then Windows finally shut down.

Later, when I had the available time to sync, I tried again. The sync picked up where it had last left off in the purchase transfer phase. When the sync finally completed on it's own, I received a warning that stated some of the videos could not be copied to my iPhone because my iPhone could not play them. The titles it noted had actually transferred from the phone to the Netbook during the interrupted sync. They were HD TV episodes originally purchased on and downloaded to my iPhone 4 from the iTunes store, and I watched them on the iPhone, so I know they were 100% compatible prior to the interrupted sync. Now not one single HD TV episode in my iTunes library will sync back onto the iPhone (not even old ones not associated with the interrupted sync). Only SD TV episodes will sync back onto the phone. What's stated in this Apple Support article: iTunes: Sync purchased HD videos to iPod or iOS device seems to show my symptom, but I have an iPhone 4, so what's happening in that article should not apply to my phone.

I had never cancelled or interrupted a sync in the past, so I had no idea what to expect. The TV episode files from the bad sync do not appear to be corrupted because they play in iTunes on the Netbook just fine. Simply all my HD video files will now no longer sync back to the phone, but all SD video files will, whether or not they were associated with the interrupted sync. Anyone have any ideas as to what has happened? Did something screw up my iPhone or iTunes software? I assume the sync interruption caused this, but it had been a long time since I had synced, and iTunes may have been updated in the meantime, I can't remember. If that's the case, then I'm not sure if this version of iTunes is causing this somehow, or the even if the iTunes library migration just prior may be involved?

Took this to the Genius Bar, and was told they could not or would not attempt a diagnosis or fix unless I updated the iPhone to iOS 5.1. I do not wish to do so. I don't think iOS 4 is the problem because HD video synced and played fine prior to this.

Thanks fro reading. Any ideas as to what has gone wrong and help to remedy this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

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