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Is this spam or a real message from Apple?


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Jun 16, 2016
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My niece got a text message like this:

Your iCloud "photostream" information is being restored into the iPhone of Steve Johnson. As this is a remote synchronous operation, you are strongly recommended to timely acces EDITED - scam site and click the "Interception" at the upper right to invalid this operation if it is not done by you in person.
[Apple Support]

Is the above message really from Apple? I searched the web but it was of no help. The website Edited was existing when I checked a couple of days back but it's not there any more. That website looked like one of the Apple websites, with boxes for user name and password. My niece had entered her user name and password and had clicked that "interception" button. But once she told me (within an hour) about what she had done, I asked her to log on and change her Apple password. Do we have to do anything more?
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Oct 26, 2014
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That site was certainly scam. Apple sites that require your account information to log in always end with ...apple.com (except for icloud.com, which is also from Apple).

If the message was sent via email, she should send it to abuse@icloud.com, to inform Apple about it.

In addition, this site from Apple should help making her account as secure as possible:
Security and your Apple ID - Apple Support

Hope that helps.