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  1. B

    Testing to a group of two stopped working-

    I've been texting to two people for months. All of a sudden it stopped working -- Message "Not Delivered". I can send and receive texts from each individual but not to the group. No phone numbers have been changed. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. R

    Texts sent on their own

    I have a Verizon iPhone 6s (not jailbroken). At approximately 1:00 a.m. on September 21, 2018, several SMS text messages (green) were sent to many of my contacts. The messages were just a mess of different characters and emojis and also a link via Google and Yahoo to different sites (see...
  3. S

    Voice to text sucks!

    Does anyone else have issues with iPhone voice to text feature? I get so frustrated every time I try to use it because I have to edit almost every word that I say. I use very distinct and clear pronunciations and Siri almost always gets it wrong. Constant editing is driving me nuts! Come on...
  4. kimbre623

    What is the best app for backing up text messages from an iPhone6?

    I need to be able to print text messages going back to the beginning of my phone. I back up all the time automatically but have no clue how to retrieve text messages that can be printed and easily read. Thanks!
  5. Michael Graubart

    Mobile phone cannot display text fro iPhone

    My wife has an old-fashioned mobile phone (not a smart phone) and a T-Mobile account. T-Mobile is part of EE. I have an iPhone SE with iOS 10.2 and an EE account, and a Mac desktop computer with MacOS 10.12.2 (Sierra). If I send her a text message (just text, no images) from the Messages app on...
  6. R

    Is this spam or a real message from Apple?

    My niece got a text message like this: Your iCloud "photostream" information is being restored into the iPhone of Steve Johnson. As this is a remote synchronous operation, you are strongly recommended to timely acces EDITED - scam site and click the "Interception" at the upper right to invalid...
  7. Michael Graubart

    Text auto-correction

    iPhone 5s, iOS 9.2.1 I have auto-correction turned on in Settings. I used to like the three options (my misspelt one in quotation marks and two suggestions) in small fields above where I was typing. Suddenly something seems to have spontaneously changed and if I misspell a word, a single...
  8. DaveM

    Home monitoring via 4G LTE cellular

    I need to be able to monitor a house at another location which will have heat and electricity, but no Internet. In particular I would need to know if the power should go out this winter. Is there a device which would have its own battery that would connect to Verizon 4G LTE cellular and send...