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is Quibids a sacm?

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Sep 15, 2010
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Can one really purchase something that cheap from their auction?
yes but you have to pay for bids and you cant swoop bid like you do on ebay.. some one bids then the time goes up...

then what happens when you spend lots of money and run out of bids then some one swoops takes it while your buying more bids?.. too risky imo
Yea,a $500 item my sell for $150,but the bidders could have combined for paying for $1000 worth of bids.
and dont think you can go on at 5am and that there will be no one bidding, because its world wide so there is always lots of bidding. i bet if you join on like new years eve or some time that your 100% sure no one will be on lol even then i bet there will be tones of ppl online
scam!, just like I thought it be
there are plenty of web sites just like it that advertise on tv. would it be allowd to be advertised on tv if its a scam?
There are "scams" advertised on tv all the time! As long as the network gets payed they don't care. Just like all the stuff sold for $19.99... Sure it may work one time but you know it's terrible quality.
usually those sites auction really old goods thats how they are able to sell it so cheap and with the amount of people that buy bids they make more then double the money for the items any way
yep, pay $40 for20 bids and pay only $10 for a laptop, see cheap!
there is no garante you will get it for that price. and the products are old ones that dont sell. so they still make money
This is a scam site and we don't want any of our members to get caught up in it or promote it. So, as of now this forum is closed.
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