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iPhone4S Appstore asking for password for wrong id


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Mar 26, 2014
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My wife's iPhone4S was dodgy so I gave her mine. I wiped mine then used a backup of hers via iTunes to restore all her apps, settings, etc to my phone. All seemed ok until trying to update some apps the Appstore asks for a password for my Apple id. It shouldn't have my Apple id if it was wiped. If I enter my password or her password neither is accepted.

It appears that the wipe didn't wipe everything or else the iTunes backups were confused as both phone's backups were stored on the same iTunes in our PC.

Or else it's something to do with downloading a ringtone into iTunes for this phone (her previous ringtone wasn't retained in the switchover) because I got a confusing and worrying message "The iPhone xxx is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?". After googling I decided to chance a Yes to this and it then allowed the ringtone to be synced to her phone. But it maybe indicates that there's still some mixup of her and my account.

Another point is that last night the phone lost battery quickly and the little circle of blobs at the top was continually running even though I closed all the apps. Something other than apps in the phone was still trying to do something.

Can anyone suggest how I fix the mixup?
iTunes backups will backup your AppleID as well. To remove it, head to Settings > iTunes & AppStore, and log out of the AppleID, then log back in with the appropriate AppleID.

For the attempt syncing and forced restore message that you're getting, go to iTunes > Store on the top, then click on Authorize this PC. Log in using the Apple credentials that matches that of the phone. Then go to your device's general/info page, and on the bottom, tick "Manually manage Music etc etc", and apply. If you get the same wipe message, ignore it and just agree with it. Your data will still be intact since your iTunes's AppleID matches that of your device.

With multiple users, it's best to either have multiple computers, or creating a new partition/user that's separate of that of the original user, and switch between the OS partition or switch between users to manage your devices individually.

The loading UI animation is probably because your device is downloading new content, or because of Background App Refresh. Go to Settings > Background App Refresh, and toggle the master switch off. Next go to Settings > iTunes & AppStore, and toggle off all of the switches for automatic downloads.