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May 24, 2013
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Help, can't take it anymore, return of an old problem.

I have iPhone 6, my wife took over my 5s. I factory reset the 5 and had it working OK with her gmail address as ID and a password. Today I am back in an endless loop where the 5 asks for Apple ID and password but will not accept a password or a reset because it doesn't like her secret answers.

It show silly combination of my name and her email address for example but iTunes
Settings Apple ID show's correctly as her gmail ID

Settings iCloud first line header shows my initials and name with her email address directly below???????

I think all this could be because I used my bank card for both.

How can I start again with the 5 using wife's present email and her bank card, will I have to factory reset again losing other stuff like contacts. If so will her email address be refused because it's already in Use?

Be very grateful for your help thanks

J. A.

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Oct 26, 2014
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Apetlon, Austria
Did you remove the iPhone from your iCloud ID before erasing it?

To change the payment method, use one of these instructions:
Change or remove your Apple ID payment information in the iTunes Store - Apple Support
Do this before trying to erase the iPhone. If the situation in iCloud settings changes, you don't have to erase all content and settings.

When you start from the beginning, make sure the device is not connected to any iCloud ID. Disable Find my iPhone before erasing it.

When you set it up again, you'll be able to use her Apple ID to set it up. Set it up as new, and then sign in with her Apple ID instead of creating a new one.

Hope that helps.

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