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iPhone4 and Headache


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Oct 21, 2010
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iPhone 4 Headache I love my iPhone4!
Last Friday ( October 15th, 2010 ), suddenly I felt a strong headache, which was different from my ordinary headache caused by an overdrunk hangover or a cold. My aspirin didn't work well. The pain was getting stronger and stronger. Taking aspirin continuously made me sick in stomach. I felt intolerable.
On Sunday at night, I couldn't sleep even staying calm on the bed because of my headache. Closing eyes forcefully gave me a little doze. But in the early morning at 1:30 on Monday, again a strong pain of the headche stopped my sleeping. It was severe. I was afraid of the possibility of cerebral infarction or hemorrhage. I felt horrible.
The symptom:
There are some areas of strong pains in the right side of my head, not inner head but outer head. It was like being tightly compressed. The pain did not pulsate, which was a different pain from that caused by an overdrunk hangover or a cold.
I tossed and turned in bed many times. I pressed my own head towards the wall. I shrugged my right shoulder. I preesed my findger on the shoulder, then I found a certain spot of my headache a little bit ease.
So I touched my right shoulder, and was surprised. There were several hardened places. I felt pain when I pressed them. Stiff neck and shoulder!
KATAKORIThere were no similar places on my left shoulder. Enduring the pain, I started massaging my shoulder at first softly then with some force. Push and massage a certain point, then I felt at ease on a certain spot of my head. Now I know that this kind of point is called a "Triger-point". For one point I pushed and massaged one hundred times in the middle of the night. Then next. About one hour passed. I felt better with less headache. I applied a hot compress to my shoulder, and I could sleep.
Stiff neck and shoulder KATAKORI could cause a severe headache. I didn't know it. I've never experienced it. Any difference in my daily life in these days is that I have been using my iPhone4 since this August. From morning till night, even in the bed, I have been using iPhone4, for mailing, internet, calendar, ITBooks, camera in the trip to Germany, in Japan IGO, Majong. That made my right shoulder stiff, which I didn't feel nor realize. And the result came out as a severe headache directly.
Be carfull about iPhone 4 Headache!