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Another Amazing Story Shows How the Apple Watch Saves Lives


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports today on the story of Scott Killian, whose has told them how his life was saved by his Apple Watch. “Big fan of the Apple Watch right now,” he said.

Killian, who is an attorney, working in a high-pressure environment, said that at almost 50 year old, he had recently undergone a rigorous stress test and health workout program costing thousands of dollars and nothing had been found to be wrong with him whatsoever.

However, when wearing his Apple Watch to bed on several nights to track his sleep patterns, he was woken at 1 a.m. by an alert from the third-party app HeartWatch, which informed him that his heart rate had been elevated when he was sleeping. Killian said he had felt a little indigestion, but that was all.

In fact, the data showed that Killian’s heart rate went as high as 121 beats per minute when he was sleeping, when usually it was around 49 beats per minute. It also showed him that this was the first time that his resting heart rate had ever been so high since he had started wearing his Apple Watch.

Killian decided to go to the emergency room, and while waiting with his wife he told her that he thought it was a waste of time, until the hospital hooked him up to an EKG machine, which showed normal results but an elevated heart rate. Incidentally, the Apple Watch results were “dead accurate,” according to Killian. The hospital then did a blood test, and found that Killian had an elevated enzyme that indicates that a heart attack has occurred, or is occurring. More tests revealed four blocked arteries, so Killian then had to have four stents fitted to fix this.

“Ten thousand dollars in tests. None of this came out,” he told 9to5 Mac. Killian said that his doctor told him that the Apple Watch had saved his life by waking him up. “He said that had I kept sleeping, I probably wouldn’t have woken up. I would have died in my sleep.”

“I always wore good Swiss watches,” he said. “And the only reason I switched to an Apple Watch is because it sets alarms and timers that keep me on task at work. The thing actually saved my life. I think every man 50 years old should be wearing one of these things.”

Image: 9to5 Mac

Source: How Apple Watch saved one man’s life — and how it’s empowering him after his heart attack
That's good but I dont like Apple Watch for two things: Too expensive and I dont like to wear watch.